Saturday, July 30, 2016

Roxy, day at the water

What a great evening spent at the pond with Roxy! As I had mentioned before, when we took her to the pond, she ventured out too far and made me nervous! So here she is sporting her new life jacket! Once she swam for a bit I took it off her! As you can tell from the pics, she had no fun at all!! Haha!! Kidding, she loved every minute and when it was time to leave, she wouldn't get out of the water!


Roxy day at the waterRoxy day at the waterRoxy day at the waterRoxy day at the waterRoxy day at the waterRoxy day at the water

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Kanu (pic)

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All labs matter

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Maxx update

Hi don, it's been awhile, but just wanted to drop you a quick message to sayhi, and that Maxx is doing great. We had a tragedy in our family and he hasreally been this boys therapy. Not to mention you have to get through him toget to Nicholas :). He doesn't go to far from him.



Sunday, July 24, 2016

Zarah across the rainbow bridge

Through tears of deepest sorrow, my friend, companion, forever at my side, my service dog Zarah has passed this world, to run and play as a puppy once more through fields of flowers’ summer bloom, across the rainbow bridge.



Zarah across the rainbow bridge

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Jax update

Hi Don,  

Thanks. Jaxs has a great recall. He sticks really close and does not wonder off. We are working with him everyday. The sit, come and paw are perfect. 



Monday, July 18, 2016

Bailee update

Bailee is keeping me busy that's for sure but she is a great dog, obedience is coming along good, she knows sit, down, come, place and kennel and is 100% consistent on all commands with treats.  I am starting to transition from treats to leash or with distraction and that is coming along but will need a couple of weeks I think.  

She is completely house trained with no accidents in weeks (knock on wood).  We are still working on getting comfortable with water, she loves getting in the water but when she looses her footing and has to swim she immediately turns back and gets out, I am sure it will come soon as she has swam a short distance a coupe of times now.  Other than all of that she is getting introduced to as many experiences and situations as I can think of and she is enthusiastic about all of them! I have attached some pictures from the past couple of weeks.


Bailee PointingBailee FlyingBailee Boat3Bailee Boat2Bailee BoatBailee Bed

Koda's 11th birthday today

Koda is from the Mud/Drake litter 2005.


Saturday, July 16, 2016

Roxy update

Hey Don! 

How's the weather in NS? We had 1 week of nice weather and have had nothing but rain, drizzle and fog ever since! Here are some recent pics of Roxy! She finished her 1st heat cycle (I didn't think it would ever end hahaha) then for almost a week all she did was mope around the house, stayed away from everyone, picked at her food, etc. she wasn't herself at all! It was almost like she was depressed :( but then she came right around and she's fine ever since. Is that normal? I have to say, she's the BEST!! I never really knew what good temperament was until we got her! She amazes me with how good she is! We got her into the pond for her first dip in the water. She LOVED it!! She made me nervous cause when she got in, she just swam and swam! She kept going! My husband got in after her cause I was afraid something would happen! But she loved it so much! 

She also enjoys being in the yard and me throwing a tennis ball! We were out for over a half hour this evening at it and she's now 4 paws up snoring away :) We live in a subdivision, a lot of kids around and traffic going by all the time. So I have a 30 foot leash for her that I put on her, just in case! Hope all is well on your end! Any new puppies? 

Take Care



Monday, July 11, 2016

The Latest

Hi Don, 

Yes I saw all you were up to with Wink and I see Puck has his therapy certification. Like father like son because we joke that Merlin is our detachment therapy dog. I bring him in frequently and a lot of our prisoners know him and ask for him all the time Smile  

Here are some shots from a hike me and some friends did yesterday. Best kept secret in all of NL in my opinion: the powder horn trail. Few of us hiked and a few took the ATV’s, had a cook up on the beach in at the mountain, and we all took the ATV’s back, including Merlin who, though he had never been on one in his life was not very long figuring out how to hop on and he slept across my lap the whole ride back! 

I snapped some beauties of him, though the sun made him look chocolate in a few.





Max's Birthday

Hi Don, 

Big birthday today for Mr Max. This has been a great year with Max and the these two on the pictures have formed an amazing friendship. 

Thanks for everything.


Max's BirthdayMax's Birthday

Friday, July 01, 2016

Bailee update

Hi Don,

Bailee is coming along nicely! She is doing well on the basic commands sit, down, come ‎and place.   House training is going well. We weighed her yesterday at 15lbs so she is growing fast! She had her first experience with a pheasant yesterday in the back yard, she was very interested in the scent and just followed it with her nose to the ground until the pheasant had enough and disappeared into the woods.

Take care



Cece update

Hope that all is well with you and you're enjoying the hot start to summer!

I've been meaning to drop you a note for a while, just to say thanks for doing what you do so well!  Cece is simply a wonderful dog. She's just a few weeks past 2 years old now and she is such a perfect fit for our family. As much as I'm pleased that she's so handsome, it really is her calm and eager-to-please personality that makes her stand out so much from other dogs we know.  She is a smart pup and is a treat to have as part of our family.  

Thanks again - take care,