Monday, July 11, 2016

The Latest

Hi Don, 

Yes I saw all you were up to with Wink and I see Puck has his therapy certification. Like father like son because we joke that Merlin is our detachment therapy dog. I bring him in frequently and a lot of our prisoners know him and ask for him all the time Smile  

Here are some shots from a hike me and some friends did yesterday. Best kept secret in all of NL in my opinion: the powder horn trail. Few of us hiked and a few took the ATV’s, had a cook up on the beach in at the mountain, and we all took the ATV’s back, including Merlin who, though he had never been on one in his life was not very long figuring out how to hop on and he slept across my lap the whole ride back! 

I snapped some beauties of him, though the sun made him look chocolate in a few.