Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kadnook Doindogs Jill is one of these!

kadnook doindogs jill

Eva doing great

Hi Don,

Just wanted to update you on Eva. She is doing great. She has her first vet appointmet scheduled for June 29 at Central Nova Animal Hospital. She loves to go for walks on our street especially when there are lots of people to make a fuss over her. She walks better on our late night quiet walks. She does like to nip especially when she is over excited. So far I either redirect her with a game of fetch or hide and seek or when that fails she goes in her excercise pen. If you have any other tips I would love to hear them. I am letting her chew on her butcher bones and cold baby carrots too. She is doing great with sit and come and sleep well through the night. I have not heard from the health insurance people yet. I will give them a call if I dont hear from them by the end of the week. Thanks again Eva is so well behaved and calm and adorable. I cant wait to get her to the beach during our vacation in July.



Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gracie Adjusting well

Hello Folks,

Just a quick email to let you know that Gracie is doing well. She knows her name, is already retrieving and her accidents are very few. If there are any accidents it is our fault for not recogizing the signals she is giving us.

Hard to believe we have had her home with us now 2 weeks. Gracie was very good on the drive home from Dartmouth and did not seem to miss her litter mates too much.

She has almost tripled in size it seems and is very curious about everything. Her most favorite dicovery is the wild strawberries in our backyard. She loves them and keeps her nose to the ground every time she goes out hoping to find some to gobble down.

Gracie is a joy and we are all very happy to have her part of our home. Mariah is thrilled to say the least. She had taken Gracie into the school for all her friends and teachers to met.

Right now she is at my feet asleep as I am typing this message to you. She doesn't wonder too far from me since I am the prime caregiver.

Got to run. If you are coming down this way, would be interested in some dog food.

All the best.


Eva Pictures

Hi Don

Eva is doing great. She is having lots of fun and tiring herself out.






Thursday, June 10, 2010

Having great success with Gem's pups

Hi Don!

Having great success with Gem's pups.  One is all age qualified and the other one is placing in every field trial.

When you have time could you please send gem's linear pedigree.  We seemed to have misplaced it. Looks like we are getting her spayed this year (7yrs) but there has been great interest in the line.

Thanks for your time  AND thanks for Gem :-)



Lucy’s first boat ride (pics)

Lucy’s first boat ride, conquering her first log and loving that seaweed!

We’re having fun!


Have a great week,




Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Noah's 9th week (pics)

Hi Don

How are you doing?  Noah continues to do very well.  Her as some pictures we took in the country and of him playing with a friend’s 16 week old whippet puppy.  At first he couldn’t quite understand what to make of the scrawny creature barking in his face – but that lasted all of 1 minute.  Then he was off chasing the little guy and eventually getting the better of him.  Noah is one tough guy!!:-).  So far he is growing well and just loves his meals.  The picture of him and Ndani(our basenji) was when he heard my Mom preparing their dinner and came rushing across the field.

So far we are sticking to the  two retrieves, because that seems about all he can concentrate on, but he seems to get SIT most of the time and his COME is pretty good too – he is really smart J He is extremely friendly and just loves meeting people.  We would have all the neighbourhood kids camped out at out house all day long to play with him if they could (not to say some of the adults too)!

Anyway just thought I’d ‘bore’ you again with more pictures and news of Noah.

Take care


Noah & FriendNoahNoahNoah & FriendNoah & Friend


Mollie growing up (and having a ball)

Hi Don, Pierrette

Some pics of Mollie, also Daisy and Spencer taking a dip. I thought Daisy was a good swimmer but her young sister is Olympic standard! All three of them get on really well and are really happy together. Mollie is much more assertive than the other two and so is fast taking charge of the household (that includes Wendy and me) and, although quite a handful, she is simply wonderful, so much so that we always forgive her mischief. We are truly grateful to you both and will send you milestone pictures as Mollie grows up (although we wish she could stay a puppy)

Best from us both

Steve & Wendy 

Mollie & FriendMollie & FriendMollie, Daisy and SpencerMollie & FriendMollie