Thursday, June 27, 2013

Merlin update

Hi Don,

Merlin is doing well, packed on 2 lbs in a week and I swear he grew overnight last night as well. House training is a work in progress but he sleeps through the night and he has already got a good grasp of ‘come’ and ‘sit’ but of course he is a far cry from ‘stay’!!!! He has the attention span of the second hand on a watch! No issues with the felines, Merlin wants so badly to play with them but they are not interested, someday they will though.

Here are a few pics.

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Jem update

Hello Don,

Trust your day is going well so far. Thank you for your e-mail regarding Jem's registration. I will be looking for it in the mail. Jem is adjusting really well to our household. She is growing fast. She is loved by everyone of us.


Ned update


Hi Don.

Ned sits, stays and come is coming - you know what I mean. We are
using Wolters book for training by voice and whistle. He loves our pond and
trails thru our bush and fields.

Our old Griffon and Ned have finally come to terms. He loves to play with
the older Doindogs Labs 4 and 6 years old. House training is complete.
Sorry that my photos are something less than amateurish.



Dean Bar Fishing Club


Hi Don


Most people rarely get the opportunity to experience the splendour of a New Brunswick salmon pool. Here are some pictures taken this week at one the finest pools, Dean Bar Fishing Club, on the Miramichi.



Dean Bar Fishing ClubDean Bar Fishing ClubDean Bar Fishing Club

Chuckers update

Thanks don!

He's amazing! I've never imagined how quickly he would learn, in the very same day he's taught something for 5 minutes, 12 hours later its burned in. Smartest puppy I've ever seen, but I'm sure everyone says that.

He's a hit with the neighbourhood as well. We have a very dog friendly area so he's got tons of potential social partners and lots of kids to get him adjusted to. Very social! Julie will be sending photos at some point for you to view. Thanks again for the wonderful pup!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Merlin all settled in

Hi Don,

Just thought I'd let you know that Merlin is all settled in. He was was very
good on the drive, no accidents and no car sickness. He's asleep at my feet
here now, he doesn't go too far from me which I am pleased about.

My oldest cat has already given him the boss swat so Merlin is afraid of
him. I have a feeling they'll be in the basement for a few days! They only
come up when he's sleeping.

Thanks so much for my little "male"!



Noah at the UKC Premier

Hi Don


We had the time of our lives at the UKC Premier in MI.  Noah went WD and BOW to get his first UKC win.  Then we decided to try him out at Nosework which he has never done bore and he detected the birch 'box' almost immediately! So he now has a PT1 to his credit in Nosework.  I am so proud of him, he is such a good boy - he always tries his best.  The lady running the nosework said there was no way he would be successful in the test as everyone else who had entered had been training for it - well she doesn't know my boy :-)  They were all amazed and many came to complimnet me on him :-)


Lots more successes with Sinead the aussie as well as the two basenjis so it was wonderful as each dog won something.


I have posted it on facebook and tagged you so it will show up on your page too.


Take care



Noah Best Of WinnersNoah at the UKC PremierNoah at the UKC PremierUKC Premier win

Monday, June 17, 2013

Pearl and Bela (sit/stay)

Hey Don,
Here's another pic of Pearl and Bela doing some Sit / Stay sessions with some good outdoor distractions :)
Pearl and Bela

Updated pics of Pearl

Hey Don,
I trust all is well. Pearl and I have been having a great Spring so far. Training is going well and she's just in the middle of her first heat (we're approx day 8 of red spotting).
Steve Hickey and I have been getting together a few times per week for training and the Cousins are getting along well. I've been out with Gary Faloon's group as well but I've had to skip the past few on account of Pearl nearing fertility :). Andrew Ahearn's yellow, Tucker (one of your pups and not fixed) has taken a liking to Pearl on all our hikes.
I thought I'd send along a few updated pictures for your site. I'll keep in touch.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Canine DNA Testing

You are very particular about what breed of dog you want as your “best friend”. You have the pedigree for your purebred pooch. Wouldn’t it be unfortunate to find that you have a “poorbred” instead? You are prepared to spend money on a pet once you have it on food, a bed and cage, and dog training, but you can actually save a lot of stress by spending a little money early on.

We all realize that this important member of the family is not perfect, will sometimes become ill, and will cost considerably for medical expenses. We’re well prepared to pay for immunizations, spaying, and the like and the odd antibiotic, as needed. But we usually don’t consider the possibility that our pet may develop a serious medical condition that will either cost us dearly or cause us great heartache as we helplessly watch their suffering. It is therefore wise to have DNA testing completed before we adopt our special canine addition.

DNA testing is often a given when verifying parentage, but there are also numerous genetic diseases that can be determined for a negligible fee. There is a wide spectrum of potential canine genetic diseases including those involving the blood, the eye, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, immune, respiratory, reproductive, urinary, endocrine, and skin systems. Specific breeds are more likely to carry the mutated genes that cause certain diseases. For example, Inherited Retinal Dysplasia is more common in Labrador retrievers and Samoyed breeds.

Knowing what illnesses a prospective dog may have inherited might alert us to the inadvisability of investing in this particular one. If we still have our hearts set on this one only, or have already acquired him, we can go into raising the dog with eyes wide open, prepared for the additional care he may need. Knowing what disease lurks in the genes of our favourite pet will also help us recognize its onset as symptoms begin to appear. We will be able to begin treatment earlier, prevent much of the suffering, and even prolong the life of our special friend.

Take care! Take care of which canine companion you adopt. Take care of your favourite pet, and they will return the favour!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Oromocto Shows (update)

Hi Don      

Ch. Doindogs Chelsea Marie's pup Driftwood's Wilson had a great weekend at the Oromocto Shows!
Saturday morning he won Winner's Male.  Saturday afternoon he won Best of Winners.  Sunday morning he won Best of Winners again. On Sunday afternoon he was on fire and beat all the Labs, including the Specials to win Best of Breed.
For the weekend he won 12 ribbons and 8 of the 10 points he needs for his CKC Canadian Championship!!
Not bad for a 13 month old Lab!



Wilson  is a son of Doindogs Chelsea Marie, grandson of Kadnook Meant to Be (Rose).


Sunday, June 09, 2013

Oromocto Show


Wilson won Best of Winners this afternoon for 2 points.  That makes 3 for the day.  I am pleased!!  


Thursday, June 06, 2013

Bela and Pearl

Hey Don,
Easiest way to introduce water is with an older dog :)
Bela and PearlBela and PearlBela and Pearl

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Maxx almost 5 months

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