Monday, January 28, 2013

Recent pic of Brook and Jil

“ I ran both of mine yesterday on a Mock hunt, heeled Jil and hunted Brooke...she did great off leash.  Then ran some retrieving drills and Jil found every bird and delivered to Heel and hand...scary impressive vs previous dogs.  Can't wait until hunting season”


Brook and Jil

Friday, January 25, 2013

Scot (Puck's Sire)

Good morning Don
Well at last we are receiving some relief from the scorching hot days, it is
forecast for 23-24 deg Cel for the next four days. We have constantly had
temperatures in the high 30's & low 40's with strong winds for the past
month. The bushfires are under control after two weeks of fighting them with
our countryside dry and looking like a desert.
Have noticed the days are drawing in, not daylight in the morning until 0600
hours now.
Mark Davis, a Labrador breeder here in Victoria who trains and runs his own
dogs in Retrieving Trials and has won three of the past seven National
Retrieving trials [ he won the 2012 National ], has used 'Scot' over a
repeat littermate of his previous National winner. Mark spent two days here
getting to know 'Scot', and just loves his approach to life in general and
thinks he has the best temperament. Mark tells us he will be picking out a
dog and bitch pup to keep out of the litter, he plans to work both of them
and the bitch will be put into his breeding program down the track.
A Canadian Show Judge, Mr.M. Woods no awarded a number of the Labrador breed
classes yesterday at the Australia Day Show.
Tall again soon.
Cheers to you both.
Scot is Puck's Sire

Don't Leave your pup alone!


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Liz is doing very well

Hi Don,


Just a note to let you know Liz is doing very well.  Sent along some pictures





Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sarah with Lucie

This picture was in Fine Lifestyles HRM’s Volume 1, Issue 1.  Sarah with Lucie who is a Pat/Storm pup born 30 Mar 10.  Lucie has gone to work at East Coast Specialty Hardwoods with Sarah every day since she was a pup.


Sarah and Lucie

Saturday, January 12, 2013

2012 season

Happy New Year Don. 

Had a great season this year - lots of pheasant around and some great late-season mallards.  Ruby loves every minute of it, and I'm not to hard to convince to go out bird hunting either!  Here are a few pics from 2012. Hope that all is well with you.



Three roosters two chinsself portrait in a blizzardRubyheavy loadRubyRubyasleep on her feet

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Levi and Ellie

Hi Don
Thought you would like this, Levi and Ellie go to the same daycare a few times a week.
Levi and Ellie

This is still my favorite picture of Chelsea!!

This is still my favorite picture of Chelsea!!