Saturday, September 25, 2010

Noah at 5 1/2 months (pics)

Hi Don

Here are some pictures of Noah which we took last week.  He weights just over 45 lbs and is a solid as a rock.  We took him to the vet for a visit and he was extremely pleased with him.  He was particularly impressed with his beautiful teeth (nearly all in now) and his lovely coat.  Everyone says he is quite the dominant dog because de just wants everyones attention but he calms down very quickly and will behave himself - especially on the ring collar.  He is still a bit bad on the flat collar. A friend of ours , who shows dogs, wants to see Noah just to evaluate how he might do in the show ring.  We said okay but even if she wants to show him it will be just for fun as I do not want him just touring around from show to show J

Hope everthing is well with you and your gang.

Take care





Hey Don,

Just touching base. The drive home was great the only time she made a peep was when we were ascending and descending large hills. At home Charlie is doing amazing she is sleeping through the night in her crate since day one. She is also beginning to retrieve short distances and sit/come on command. So many people have complimented me on how quite and calm she is, She fits right into the household and family. She established herself quickly with Cooper our other dog, Actually she walked in sniffed around went to his bed and peed on it. We went into the vet yesterday with Cooper and Dr MacArthur commented on her temperament and looks. Charlie has her appt on the 7th and I'll let you know how she does.

All the Best

Jenn, Darren,Jack

Cooper and CHARLIE

Update on Dakota (pics)

Hi Don,
Sorry that this is long overdue!  Just wanted to send you some recent photos of Dakota from Bella and Storm's litter from Dec/09.  She is a little over 9 months now and has grown so much!  We absolutely love her and she has become a big part of our family!  She loves the water and the beach and to retrieve.  Everyone in our neighbourhood knows her by name and all the kids on the street adore her!  We hope to stop by and visit soon!
Take care,
Jen & Matt

Monday, September 20, 2010

Very happy puppy buyer

I got a call from a very happy puppy buyer today.


Mr. ASH from Nfld bought “Tasha” , a yellow female from the Bella/Storm 1 Apr 09 litter.  Hunting season opened today and she retrieved two ducks and a goose, one she didn’t see fall but he was able to direct her to the retrieve.  This is great news to me because it speaks loudly about the home she has gone to.



Doindogs Chelsea Marie and her pups (pics)

Hi Don

Attached is a great picture of Doindogs Chelsea Marie and her pups.


Doindogs Chelsea Marie and her pupsDoindogs Chelsea Marie and her pups



Saturday, September 18, 2010


Good Morning Don,


Brandi is finishing her second heat next week and we will be having her spayed in October.  Just figured you should be given the heads up.  As per usual she has been amazing and everything we could have hoped for.


Mark and Ashley

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Zarah with owner Deborah 7 yrs ago (pic)

Zarah with owner Deborah 7 yrs ago

Ben and Aulay (pics)

These are long overdue, but here a few pics of Ben (almost 5yrs) and Aulay (almost a year) taken this past June.

Ben and AulayAulayBenBen


Noah Pictures

Hi Don

You are right we did go to the country for the long weekend which turned out to be very rainy and wet.

We stayed on an extra day today which was much better- sunny and warm after 3 days of cold and rain.

This Saturday a frined of ours who trains police dogs was have a 'scenting' worksop so we decided to take Noah just for fun.  He was the youngest there - among 2 big GSD's and 2 big goldens and one mixed breed dog.  But he had a lot of fun and picked out the ball with my scent on it from a whole bunch of balls/



2 sleeps to go

Hi Don


Just touching base and letting you know that all is well with JILL. She had her 2nd Vaccination yesterday and a complete Vet check with the local vet and passed with flying colours. She is a lovely pup, her temperament is wonderful, she badly needs input training wise as I am not up to handling the dogs at present and Wayne is too busy looking after me to be having time for training. Having said that, she is a cooperative girl, she is sleeping in her crate in the house with no fuss. She is toilet trained and she has no problem on the lead although is a little too enthusiastic at times but you will correct that in no time. She is very active and runs like the wind. She is also a mad carrier and retrieves anything with great vigor so the foundation stones are there. JILL is an excellent traveller too. She is also full of quality and would be a show proposition here in Australia; she is very well conformed and moves beautifully as a consequence. I have applied for her Export Certificate and will forward that when it comes.


We will be taking her to Dogtainers on Monday morning and they will have her AQIS export examination completed and she flies out on Tuesday. We hope she lives up to your expectations; we have no doubt she will.

I am attaching her Diet chart for you just for your information and a five generation pedigree.






P.S. ROO’S dad, MONTY finished second in the South Australian Championship 2 weeks ago, won the Queensland State Championship last weekend and is running in the National this weekend. (Update: at the end of day two there are 16 dogs still in competition from the original 46 starters, Monty and his daughter Milly are both still going strongly). Not bad for an 11 year old eh!!!!



Diet Chart.doc