Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Pictures of Jasper

Hi Don,

Here are some pics we have taken of Jasper the past week. The water ones are all from this past weekend at our campground on the Brule shore. She had a BLAST playing with another dog in the campground who was visiting from Ottawa. Hunter, a Golden Retriever and her could have played all afternoon long chasing the bumper and running and rolling in the sand. We had two dirty dogs on our hands!!! She is just a beautiful dog and we still have a hard time going for walks as some people (children and adults) come rushing out to see Jasper to see what progress she has made and how much more she has grown. It is too funny!


Friday night she had her first sleep in a tent in her crate. She wasn't too sure about that, but finally settled down after 20 minutes or so. Saturday we left her with my family for the whole day and they said she was a very good girl. Sunday, the whole day we were together and were at the beach for most of it having a tonne of fun. She was so exhausted, she slept for the almost 2 hour drive home. When she made it to the bedroom, we didn't hear from her again all night after we got home. :) We will hopefully be going again this weekend. Anyhow, it has been a while since we sent some pictures so, we wanted to be sure to pass them along.

Take care, Angela