Monday, July 29, 2013


Hi Don,

Sorry its been so long but i have enclosed some pictures and a video of our beloved dog Morrissey

Kind Regards

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bella Working Certificate Videos

Gibbs pic

Hi Don hope all is well. I wanted to share a picture of Gibbs with you guys and to let you know he's perfect, so smart, he knows sit come stay down ( sit by whistle) and heel he's almost mastered, we are so pleased with him. We'd love to come by soon. Take care chat soon



Working Certificate Pics


Hope you had a safe trip home yesterday, good travel conditions anyway. Thanks for talking me into the WC. A real positive experience for lab and owner alike (despite the overly vocal foxes all over the place). I'm learning finally, after two quality stock labs, that you need to trust that they will do what they're engineered for, RETRIEVE. Not sure if it was the environment, but Bela has never been more eager to return a bird to hand ASAP than for those four retrieves yesterday! All this in the four toughest conditions she's faced to date. All good signs.

Thanks for giving me what I asked for, a high energy, hunt intelligent and at times stubborn hunting partner. Oh yeah, she's also a great pet, forgot that part :)


Jil's WCJil WC Water 1Jil and PeteCub and PearlBela's WCBashful Bela


Happy Jak

Hi Don
Everything going well with Jak. The picture was just
taken with the three of us relaxing on the deck. Smart dog, loves to eat.
Has been swimming for weeks now and is learning basic commands.
Thanks for everything

Happy Jak

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Group Training

Had a fun training session with the guys. In order from left to
right.. Tucker, Pearl, Jil, Bela
Group Training

These are all Doindogs pups owned and trained by eager duck/goose hunters in

Tucker is from Pat & Storm (Pat from Roo) db 11 Dec 10, so is Noah -
Vanessa's yellow male.
Pearl from Dot & Ai (Dot from Pat & Storm) db 20 Jun 12.
Jil from Jill & Storm db 27 Jun 12.
Bela from Jill and Storm db 11 Jan 13


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Merlin update

Hi Don,

Thanks. Movers come on Monday! It's been very busy with saying goodbyes and getting ready to go. Merlin had is next round of shots and check up today. He's doing well, up to 18 lbs and by all accounts going to be big MALE! :)

He's zonked right now, he was out all day socialising; he's Mr. Personality and for a puppy very well behaved. After just a few weeks I'm not sure what I ever did before him!!

He tried to walk on water earlier today and discovered that he should stop at the end of the floating dock if he wants to stay dry - it was hilarious! But he didn't mind it and went back in after.

Here's some more! And I don't need to tell you that everyone remarks that he is the cutest Lab they've ever seen!



Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tally, naming and shaming...!

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Daisy Report

Hi Don

Daisy is doing a great job training us!!! Gives us lots of smiles and we love having her in our family. So glad we the kids are out of school to help - puppies are a lot of work!!

She seems like she will be great to train - although in the last 2 days has shown increased independence and sauciness. Starting to run when she doesn't want to come in - will have to consult my book!!

She has never had us up in the night, is basically house trained and is a good fetcher.

She thinks we get up too early in the morning and after her pee, likes to spend the early morning hours cuddling while we have our coffee. No complaints from us though.

She is quickly outgrowing her kennel - but still likes to go in it at nap time.

I will send pictures later in the week.


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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Merlin update

Hi Don,

Merlin is doing well, packed on 2 lbs in a week and I swear he grew overnight last night as well. House training is a work in progress but he sleeps through the night and he has already got a good grasp of 'come' and 'sit' but of course he is a far cry from 'stay'!!!! He has the attention span of the second hand on a watch! No issues with the felines, Merlin wants so badly to play with them but they are not interested, someday they will though.

Here are a few pics.



Thursday, July 04, 2013

Oyster Pond

Mostly doindog labs having fun on a very hot day!

labs having fun on a very hot day!labs having fun on a very hot day!labs having fun on a very hot day!labs having fun on a very hot day!labs having fun on a very hot day!labs having fun on a very hot day!labs having fun on a very hot day!labs having fun on a very hot day!