Sunday, March 19, 2017

Brie and Rye (pics)

Brie snuggling with the bears and Rye thinking about "Socks" that I just folded up. I never under estimate Miss Rye's thinking skills in tricking me. Socks, Socks, I think she dreams of them. Their isn't a sock in our house that doesn't have the scars of Miss Rye. That's a Puck pup for sure.


Paula & Donnie


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Brie had 5 pups

Brie had 5 pups, Dex is the father


Brie's pups

Rose's Progeny; Three generations

These are all decendants of the very special dog "Rose" who I brought in from Australia.



Mother:   Grand Champion Driftwood’s Annalou, CGN, RE, CD, WCI, JH, DD, BDD.

Grandmother: Grand Champion Doindogs Chelsea, CGN, RN, PCD.

Puppy:  Driftwood’s Luck of the Irish aka Kelly.

Rose's Progeny;   Three generationsRose's Progeny;   Three generations