Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Isla at one year

Hi Don,

Isla turns one in a couple of days (January 31). What a great year it has been. Can’t wait to see what the coming year brings, especially when spring arrives and her field training ramps up big time – she’s definitely ready to go and loves to work! She’s definitely the kind of dog that needs a job. Here’s a photo of Isla, taken earlier today during her training session in the back woods and swim in a local lake that’s not currently frozen (can’t keep her out of the water). Her new favorite thing to do, when not retrieving in the water, is to wade (up to her shoulders if need be) along the forested shoreline while pulling small icicles off the branches that hang over the water. She’s in great shape physically (approaching a very fit 60 pounds) and mentally (loves to be challenged… the harder the terrain the better in her mind). She still excels at finding dead stuff. This morning’s find was a deer rib about 100 feet in a heavily forested area in the former Bowater Mersey. All of this is a testament to your breeding program and her parents, Pie and Dex.


Pets plus insurance

Hey Don hope all is well!!

Just send a note to u as well as your future pet owners about pets plus insurance. As u know Caper had a mishap at Christmas time where he fell down the stairs and broke his front leg. Very upsetting as a pet owner but believe me it happens. And before I go on any more I’m not a sales person to be honest like I’ve told u and others I’m not a insurance guy. I never bet on the farm. However for some reason this time I decided for a few months I would get it for him. Protecting my loved one as any pet owner would know. I had to take Caper to the vet twice for x-rays which the swelling clouded the images. Which in the holiday season is not easy to do and emergency costs are astronomical as most people know. Caper needed surgery after all this which he is almost back to normal. The cost for all this was just shy of 3600 dollars which for most would a crushing blow especially at Christmas.  But I submitted all my receipts and recovered 80 percent back.  Again not a sales person but I can count my blessings I had insurance this time and he will continue to have until 2 years when he is done growing!!! I hope this helps anyone who is even considering to let the insurance Don provides to run out!!!

Also I would like to thank Don himself for all his help getting Caper seen quickly!!

Here is a photo of Bing

Here is a photo of Bing taken yesterday, as promised Don. 

She is a beautiful dog. Many thanks again.


Hello from Rocky

Willow and Brandy

Willow and Brandy sitting at attention ..... they were bird watching lol

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Cargo turns one

Hello Don,

Our handsome boy Cargo turns one. Cargo was from the liters of Lu and Winston born January 24, 2018. He is a outstanding addition to our family and we are fortunate to have him.

Thanks Doug and Natalie

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Lucy is doing great

Hi Don,

Lucy is doing great , everyone who loves Labs says how perfect her lines are and how mellow she is for her age.

She has a circle of dogs she sees every day at the cottage in PEI from May till the end of October.
When we are in Halifax she gets a daily run in point pleasant and they caught her on CTVs breakfast television

John & Carolyn


Lucy in red with her full litter mate Finn in Blue

Monday, January 21, 2019

Puppy Love

She is settling in quite nicely.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Do you mind, I'm trying to watch tv

Levi is getting along great here in Cape Breton

Hi Don,

Levi is getting along great here in Cape Breton. He's the perfect addition to our family. My daughter hasn't wiped the smile of her face. Thanks for another amazing dog.



Food question

Hello Don

I hope all is well.

Scotty (almost two) had diarrhea for a very long time. We still don’t know what it was but we took him off everything and put him on a very expensive food ($200 a bag) based on our vet recommendation (Carnegy). Still not sure whether it was food, environmental or something else as all tests came negative. We got rid of the diarrhea and In the last two months gradually put him back on Eukanuba which is fine so far. So we are good. We asked the vet what is the preferred food for labs but got no clear answer. Can you recommend any type of food from your experience?

Tsafrir and Vered

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Update video on how Butch is doing


Thought you might like an update video on how Butch is doing. We’re super proud of him. 


Took some pictures of Bruce

Hi Don,

Took some pictures of Bruce this morning to celebrate his 9th week!!  He is doing wonderful. He is the perfect puppy and is setteling in with us just great.  It’s amazing how fast he is growing and learning each day!


Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Isla at around 11 months

Hey Don,

All is well with Isla. She’s coming along nicely on all fronts. Healthy and happy! Always learning (mostly me!). She’s becoming more and more steady. The other day we came across 3 deer while out on a walk (on a lead). The deer were about 50 feet or less away. I put Isla at a sit and she did really well… didn’t creep or break… no barking or whining… she stayed focused on the deer, who despite having seen us, were not interested in moving off the road. This went on for about a minute, maybe a bit more, and Isla remained steady throughout. She did a great job! A nice piece of work for a dog that’s 110% keen all the time and always ready to go.

 Here’s a black and white picture taken earlier in December on one of the trails.

 All the best in 2019!


Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Lindt playing hockey

This dog is awesome!

This dog is awesome!
I’ll do my best with her.
Thanks again.


Pictures of Hon at 11 months

Good morning Don,

Tom and I wanted to share some pictures of Hon at 11 months. She has given us so much joy these past months. She seems to have completely recovered from that nasty virus!
Please let me know if you are doing obedience classes over the winter, Hon could use some socializing and distraction training.

Thanks again,
Jan and Tom

Jake settled in quite well so far

Jake settled in quite well so far. Weather permitting he heads to Nain tomorrow,
if not we will gladly look after him until the weather clears. He is such a


Bruce’s first night home

Hi Don

I just want to say Thank you again for letting us have Bruce home early and driving over in that snow and traffic to get him to us. I hope the other little guy made it to Labrador ok.

Bruce is amazing. He makes our family complete again. He is such a good little puppy. Ben and Thomas love him. Yesterday he had some great naps in his kennel  and loved playing in the snow with the boys. He went to bed at 10 and woke only once  at 3 to go out and did his pee and poop and was back to sleep again with in 15 mins.

He is setteling in just great!

Attached are a few pic of his first 24 hours at home