Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Isla at one year

Hi Don,

Isla turns one in a couple of days (January 31). What a great year it has been. Can’t wait to see what the coming year brings, especially when spring arrives and her field training ramps up big time – she’s definitely ready to go and loves to work! She’s definitely the kind of dog that needs a job. Here’s a photo of Isla, taken earlier today during her training session in the back woods and swim in a local lake that’s not currently frozen (can’t keep her out of the water). Her new favorite thing to do, when not retrieving in the water, is to wade (up to her shoulders if need be) along the forested shoreline while pulling small icicles off the branches that hang over the water. She’s in great shape physically (approaching a very fit 60 pounds) and mentally (loves to be challenged… the harder the terrain the better in her mind). She still excels at finding dead stuff. This morning’s find was a deer rib about 100 feet in a heavily forested area in the former Bowater Mersey. All of this is a testament to your breeding program and her parents, Pie and Dex.