Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Isla at around 11 months

Hey Don,

All is well with Isla. She’s coming along nicely on all fronts. Healthy and happy! Always learning (mostly me!). She’s becoming more and more steady. The other day we came across 3 deer while out on a walk (on a lead). The deer were about 50 feet or less away. I put Isla at a sit and she did really well… didn’t creep or break… no barking or whining… she stayed focused on the deer, who despite having seen us, were not interested in moving off the road. This went on for about a minute, maybe a bit more, and Isla remained steady throughout. She did a great job! A nice piece of work for a dog that’s 110% keen all the time and always ready to go.

 Here’s a black and white picture taken earlier in December on one of the trails.

 All the best in 2019!