Sunday, October 27, 2013

Drew lost her first tooth

Hi Don,
Drew is 13.5 weeks now, and just lost her first tooth.  She was slightly under 22 pounds when weighed on Wednesday.  She is growing the same wavy hair on her back that Puck had/has.
Thus far things have been going fairly well.  She was struggling to housebreak for the first 4 weeks (she'd pee three times, come in the house, and pee again), and all of her pees were very short, so we figured she had a urinary tract infection.  Antibiotics cleared that up, and she was suddenly accident-free.  It also cleared up a bad case of puppy pimples.
Training is coming along.  "Come" is progressing (high level of distraction isn't there yet), "sit" is pretty solid, "down" is still sketchy.  I use the "hurry" command when she eliminates, but haven't tried to use it yet to get her to go.  I suspect I should spend more time practicing the "kennel" command, but while she would prefer to sleep on a dog bed, she will go to the crate when directed at short range.
We are doing off leash walks, and she's doing quite well staying with me, and can be encouraged to keep going after crossing paths with other dogs and people.  We practice "come" followed by "sit" (which I have found useful in reducing jumping) at these times as well as a general "let's go" to get her to come with me.
Leash work is slow going.  I don't want to overwhelm her attention span, so we only do a little bit at a time.  My puppy leash is apparently not good for snapping, so I've been tucking the leash behind me so that if she scoots forward, the leash catches on my leg to correct her.  The calmer she is, the better the heel.
I did break down, and did a few minutes on fetch, then two days later had her do two retrieves to hand.  We haven't done any since, but it was nice to see that she's going to be good at it.

Drew enjoys the water.  She went from trying to walk along the bottom to swimming horizontally, skipping the upright doggy paddle completely.  I have to keep her moving afterwards, or she gets cold before we get to a towel.

For car trips I still put her in the crate as I worry about her wandering and chewing while I drive.  I don't want to end out with her under the break peddle.  This results is very loud protesting much like her first night in the crate.  Currently I continue to ignore her complaints, but it's wearing.
Here is a picture of Drew at 10 weeks with her future hunting partner, and current chew toy.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

DEW at 4 wks

Dinner is served.

Dinner is served!

Maggey is doing awesome!

Hi Don,

It's Laura

Maggey is doing awesome! She is such a good girl! There were a few challenges,lol, But she is amazing! And beautiful!. Thank Mud and Storm for that! She is a bit like her Mom. She has some fears and continues to occasionally develop new ones. We let her figure them out on her own.

I'm working on Blake to adopt another! He's not ready for that yet!
Hope all is well.

Take care! Laura. Xo


Deke's training seems to be coming quick

I think he's going to be steady! That's a little ball of cheese at his feet which he won't touch until I tell him to. He stayed on the sit command for 2 minutes for me tonight. He had his 1st sit lesson 3 days ago!
Coming well now. Heeling is rough as he gets distracted easily and doesn't hold position well sometimes. Sit seems to be working well.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What a difference hey?

What a difference hey? Hard to believe that was him 5 months ago 



Oct 21. Puppies are now eating processed puppy food. They are also getting mothers milk from "Quail" occasionally. Puppies are very healthy and energetic once they have a nap after eating.

Jack and Lorie


I will keep one of these chocolate females, “Dew”.



Brie update

Hi Don, hope all is well..

Well here on the Cape all is well and training is going very well.... Here are a few pictures of Miss Brie.. She is Independent, spoiled and very affectionate... When you said you would give me a challenge, boy you were bang on.... John, said he would love to have 10 of her, because of the drive she has and the speed.... I will take a video soon.... She is a power house packed into a little body ... Wow....



Jag and Wilson

Tallyho!! Let's go and retrieve ducks!!


Jag and Wilson

Duck Blind Buddies

Hi Don,

Here are Chelsea's boys Jag(on the right) and Wilson. They are on the lower end of Long Island on the St. John River on October 19th. From the beginning Jag has been a driven retriever.

Wilson is having his first full season at I year old but has the same drive. On the evening shoot on October 12 Jag retrieved 17 ducks(3 hunters). Both Labs are great calm family pets


Duck Blind Buddies

Maggie and friend

We think Maggie still looks pretty good.



Maggie and friend

Friday, October 18, 2013

Noah says Happy Thanksgiving to you!


Tally just gave Jemima a good lick!

Tally just gave Jemima a good lick!

Oka update

Oka is watching Maisie unwrap her birthday presents (my baby is SIX today. How did that happen??). He helped, too….he’s very good at peeling the paper off!



Tucker update

Hi Don  Here is a picture for your website.
Andrew and Doindogs Tucker got their limit yesterday morning.  
Jag retrieved 17 ducks on the evening shoot yesterday at Musquash Island but I do not have any pictures. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Life is good for Ada

Hi Don,
Thought you would like a pic of Ada, now 13 and a half. She is doing great ( knock on wood) and my kids love her. I should really send you the pic of her dressed up as a princess...Anyway, she is a bit slower but still comes to life walking in the woods :) She loves watching the chickens and her orthopaedic bed. Thank you again for letting her come lives with us; I think she is enjoying the lap of luxury!
Take care,

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Doindogs Connection at Dean Bar Salmon Club

Along with their owners from the left are Ch. Driftwood's Wilson(son of Ch. Doindogs Chelsea Marie and grandson of Ch. Doindogs Rose CGN),     Doindogs Dot Com CD CGN WC,     Doindogs Puck CDX RE CGN,     Doindogs Jill CD,     Driftwood's Jenny(son of CH. Doindogs Beau and grandson of Ch. Doindogs Rose CGN),   Driftwood's Maggie May(daughter of Doindogs Jet CD)( Mags had a litter of puppies with Doindogs Mike),      Ch. Chelsea Marie(daughter of Ch Doindogs Rose CGN),      and Driftwood's Samantha(Sam had a litter of puppies with Doindogs Jet CD and a second litter with Ch. Doindogs Beau).


The Doindogs Connection at Dean Bar Salmon Club

Belle's first hunt

Belle's first hunt

Jil (pic)

Hey Don,
Jil had a great opening week here, did a long retrieve on a massive Canada, held steady in the blind and was quiet and calm as a mouse!
Did a few pics this week also..pretty looking pup!

Friday, October 04, 2013

Her limbs may be aging, but nothing wrong with her nose!

Hi Don,

I hope that all is well with you. Although it was more of a ducky day than a pheasant day, Ruby convinced me to take the morning off and have a go for a few roosters. Her right forelimb has been quite lame since the spring and appears to be untreatable, despite all of our best efforts with Rushton and other vets. It appears to be the tendon that runs along the back of her limb from elbow to wrist. In any case - she's slowing down a little, but her nose seems fine! Despite the torrential rain that had just washed all the scent away she flushed 8 birds for me in just 90 minutes and I picked a pair of nice young roosters out of the bunch.

She seemed OK after the hunt, but we'll see how much she suffers for it tonight when I get home. I kept it short and easy terrain until I can see what she can still handle. So far, a good start to 2013!



Angus is 7

Hi Don,
Just wanted to say hello and send along a couple of photos of Angus (He is a Yew/Storm pup). He turned 7 in September, and is healthy, happy, and handsome as ever. He loves to have morning coffee dates with me at the river trail behind our house.
I hope you all are well.
Very best,
Theresa & family

Daizy Mae pics

Hi Don, thought you might enjoy these pictures just taken this past Sunday at Inverness Beach of Daizy Mae!! What a beauty eh...??  I hope everything is going well with you folks. Would love to get up to see you all and bring Daizy of course! Will give you a jingle soon.

Cheers, Lois & Daizy 

Daizy Mae

Daizy MaeDaizy Mae

The quiet little achiever

A couple of photos Milly and Sedge and part of the front garden which I think you had taken a photo of.

Puck looks like a great dog to live with and I liked the photo of the little girl throwing water with the dog


Milly and SedgeMillyFront GardenMillyFront Garden