Tuesday, October 18, 2005



I haven't e-mailed you about Hugo in awhile. He's doing great. I found a really nice vet and he got his 2nd set of shots. She recommended that he lose a pound or two as he still had his big belly on him. He's done that already and looks really good. He is quite handsome I must say. Perhaps referring to my dog as handsome is a sign I should go out on a date soon, lol. The vet said he had good eyes, lungs and heart. I told her about his limping although he's not doing it anymore. She said his right knee was a little loose but that it was common for puppies to be floppy at this stage as their growth plates are still developing. She and everyone else comments on what a good disposition he has. You may be getting some calls for future pups from other Albertans.

He retrieves things and drops them in my hand although he doesn't seem crazy about retrieving yet so I just do it a few times once in awhile to refresh his memory. He does like to carry sticks and stuff in his mouth outdoors. He's keen on birds and will sit and watch them fly by. He knows sit well. He also knows down, and sit-stay. He knows come and is better at it but he's got quite the nose on him so he's not always keen on come outdoors. He's house trained and doesn't chew much; however, I'm sure this is just temporary as he still needs to lose his baby teeth. He's comfortable in his crate and often goes in on his own. He sleeps on the floor; however, I must admit, I have let him on my bed in the mornings at times. He gets truly excited about eating and will remember where food is in the neighborhood. Last week someone dropped a chilly cheese hotdog. He happily managed to eat half of it. He still goes over and licks the sidewalk where he found it for memory sake. He's had a lot of experiences and is a confident pup as a result. He's been hiking and to various parks, had the train go by, been on elevators, played with other dogs, is fine tied up at the coffee shop, seen horses, etc.

I'm very pleased with him and will send some other pictures soon. Hope all is well and thanks again for such a wonderful dog!

Cheers, Deidre

Monday, October 10, 2005

My stuffed lab toy

Hi Don,

I had to go outside to fix the tarp on the dog run and I decided to leave the dogs in the house. I figured they were both asleep what could they possibly do in 5 minutes. Well, have a look for yourself. One of them went upstairs and got my stuffed lab toy and you will see from the pics what happened. I don't now whether to laugh or be mad. You're probably going to have a good laugh.


Great news about Roo!

Yesterday we went up to our local Police Station, to introduce Sable. They had sponsored me for the MS Walk-a-thon & wanted to see her. She felt right at home... crawled over the counter to sit on Officer Kidd's lap.

Sable was a big hit with the Malverne Police.

Officer Kid had lab's & thought her head & confirmation were very good. He said the 'puppy breath' made him want another... after she gets her shots, he will take us down to the pond his Casey swims in.