Friday, August 30, 2013

Merlin update

Tell me that's not the best looking pup you've ever seen?!


He's doing well...36 lbs and ready to take on the world. I have my hands full with him that's for sure in terms of him testing me. Sometimes I think he must think i'm stupid with some of the stuff he tries to pull though. 


He has received a lot of complements on his looks this week. Dot and Puck were a good mix! 



Bee's pup

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Rubee's first trip to the ocean

Good Morning Don
Some pics of Rubee's first trip to the ocean.  Adores the water and we cannot keep her out of a sprinkler.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Nova Scotia Hunting & Outdoor Show Sept 6 to 8

I will be doing the obedience/retrieving demo


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Ch. Driftwood Wilson

Hi Don    

Wilson had a grand Summer.  He was in Shows over 4 weekends.  He won his class at the Canadian Nationals and the Atlantic Labrador Retriever Club Regionals!   He won his CKC Championship at 14 months!!  Twice, at 13 months and 14 months, he won Best in Breed!  Finally, he earned 4 points toward his Grand Championship!  And per his owner's request, he was never away from home overnight.


For the rest of this year the Shows are over as he assumes his role as a duck retriever, which he is excellent at. He will spend many hours in the marshes along the Long Reach on the St. John River.  He has a strong drive for retrieving, just like his mother, Ch. Doindogs Chelsea Marie, and his brothers and sisters.  And not to forget, he is a wonderful, calm family pet.


Cheers Gary

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Merlin Update

Hi Don,
Been a while since the last update – been flat out here! Busy is good though. Finally have my furniture and house is just about home.
Merlin is doing grand. He had his final check up and shots last Friday. Weighed in at 29 lbs and really starting to lose his puppy look. He’s getting blockier which I like and by all accounts he’s going to be a big boy! Looks just like Puck too 
Here are some photos of excursions the last few weeks. He’s had no shortage of salt and fresh water. Turning into a good runner and can just about keep up with me – he just has to learn to pace himself!! At home I believe he fancies himself to be as agile as a cat but he doesn’t realise he’s a bull in a china shop! Good Lord! His personality has also been noticeably developing the last 3 weeks and he’s been testing the limits big time but I see that he seems to be comprehending what I say or at least the tone of what is ok and what is not, better, just tries to see what he can get away with! Which is not much lol
I have a whistle and he listens pretty well but still easily distracted. I take him to the beaches on rainy days when no one is around so I can let him loose and practice his recall. He absolutely loves people and definitely won’t be able to resist the urge to go see everyone for a long time yet. But I just love him! I have to leave him with a friend for 3 days on Sunday to go back to NB for a trial and I don’t know how i’m going to leave him! Always thought I was a cat person who just wanted a Lab someday but turns out I am a dog person after all!
How did Jill make out? She must have had her litter by now?

Monday, August 12, 2013

Pictures of Shana

Hi Don,

I promised you to send some Pictures of Shana when we were settled back in Norway. The flight went very well (although it was a LOT of paperwork!) for the dog. We are so pleased With her and we get so many Nice comments about her beauty.

Hope you are well!
Thanks, Catrin


Thursday, August 01, 2013

















Ch. Driftwood's Wilson.  He is the son of Ch. Doindogs Chelsea Marie and Am.& Cdn. Ch. Skyfire's Oughta Be Haulin, RN, CGC, WC.  Wilson is the grandson of Ch. Doindogs Rose(Ch. Kadnock  Meant To Be) CGN and Am.& Cdn. Ch. Cedarwood's Shades of Katahdin, CD, RN, CC, WC.  His father’s father is Am. Can. Ch. Skyfires Oughta Be A Law JH, CD, WC