Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Pets plus insurance

Hey Don hope all is well!!

Just send a note to u as well as your future pet owners about pets plus insurance. As u know Caper had a mishap at Christmas time where he fell down the stairs and broke his front leg. Very upsetting as a pet owner but believe me it happens. And before I go on any more I’m not a sales person to be honest like I’ve told u and others I’m not a insurance guy. I never bet on the farm. However for some reason this time I decided for a few months I would get it for him. Protecting my loved one as any pet owner would know. I had to take Caper to the vet twice for x-rays which the swelling clouded the images. Which in the holiday season is not easy to do and emergency costs are astronomical as most people know. Caper needed surgery after all this which he is almost back to normal. The cost for all this was just shy of 3600 dollars which for most would a crushing blow especially at Christmas.  But I submitted all my receipts and recovered 80 percent back.  Again not a sales person but I can count my blessings I had insurance this time and he will continue to have until 2 years when he is done growing!!! I hope this helps anyone who is even considering to let the insurance Don provides to run out!!!

Also I would like to thank Don himself for all his help getting Caper seen quickly!!