Monday, July 18, 2016

Bailee update

Bailee is keeping me busy that's for sure but she is a great dog, obedience is coming along good, she knows sit, down, come, place and kennel and is 100% consistent on all commands with treats.  I am starting to transition from treats to leash or with distraction and that is coming along but will need a couple of weeks I think.  

She is completely house trained with no accidents in weeks (knock on wood).  We are still working on getting comfortable with water, she loves getting in the water but when she looses her footing and has to swim she immediately turns back and gets out, I am sure it will come soon as she has swam a short distance a coupe of times now.  Other than all of that she is getting introduced to as many experiences and situations as I can think of and she is enthusiastic about all of them! I have attached some pictures from the past couple of weeks.


Bailee PointingBailee FlyingBailee Boat3Bailee Boat2Bailee BoatBailee Bed