Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Sady (pics)

Good Morning Don,

I haven’t sent any messages in a while…life gets busy as you know.  I hope you and Pierette, and all the dogs are doing well!!!

Sady, Dew’s sister, goes in tomorrow to be spayed…I can’t believe it, the time went by so fast!!  I just wanted to again let you know how grateful I am for meeting you, and thank you for the all your hard work in what you do with your dogs, it pays off!!!

She is the most loving, calm, well behaved dog…I swear I couldn’t have dreamed up a better dog.  

She is so gentle and calm, everyone who meets her always comments on how excellent her temperament is, and how beautiful she is.  Super smart as you know, and can play scavenger hunt with the best of them..helps to keep her entertained during this never-ending winter…she loves it especially when there’s liver and apples involved!!!  ;D

Take care,