Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cee last day of season

Hi Don,

She hunted very well this season. We had 2 losses in about 40 ducks and they were in big water with a bit too much surf. She's very determined and a little overzealous at times but that will even out as she gets older. Mostly shore hunting but twice over decoys and she did fine. She's very intelligent and does not mind the cold at all - she was actually in the water swimming this morning - chasing a live black duck of course. She's a bit spoiled at home between the kids and my wife but is a good dog.

I'll keep sending pics!Take care,



This pup is from Dot/Puck’s litter born 15 May 14,  she isn’t even nine months old yet, she has been retrieving ducks since she was five months old!  She is the black  pup in the last pictures with snow on her.