Sunday, March 18, 2018

Ontario Veterinary College Receives Report On Risk Of Dog Importation

From the  The Toronto Pet Daily :

Risk Of Dog Importation “The Tip Of The Iceberg"

Last year, our group invested many hours compiling statistics on the little-known and rapidly growing trend of importing dogs from other countries to Canada. Along with a dramatic and steady increase in new 'foreign rescue organizations', many SPCAs and Humane Societies, seeing a drop in shelter admissions, have joined in the frenzy and are now reaching out to rescue animals outside of Canada while Canadian dogs and cats continue to perish in Northern Communities and in Canadian shelters in other provinces. We've also noticed another disturbing trend - rescuers and individuals are knowingly and successfully importing sick dogs into Canada, crowdfunding to 'cure them' and then educating others in how to 'beat the system' with unscrupulous methods aimed at exploiting the existing laxity in CFIA requirements. A few months ago, in the interest of our public health and the wellness of our own pets, we issued a call to action for this to stop. Unfortunately, it appears that hardly anyone is listening since very little has changed. In fact, foreign importation is on the rise.


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