Sunday, March 18, 2018

24 hours as a Doindogs puppy owner


We have owned a Doindogs puppy for 24 hours now. As first time puppy owners we searched out advice from Don and experienced owners. What we worried about was helping the pup learn expectations and how to both comfort her and also train her.  We work in healthcare,have had adult dogs, are mature and have had enough intelligence to raise human animals. We thought we were smart enough.

Now hours into this with a seven week old pup, she has turned the tables on us. After planning how we would house-train her, she trained herself .  So much for that.

We showed her the new fancy shmancy gated play pen for her. Its metal with a pressure and lift latch, and swings to the inside. She showed us (while looking at her new Dad), that she was happy to demonstrate how to open it.   After a call to Don, we learned that she comes from a line of dogs that are just that smart with doors and latches. So much for that purchase.

We showed her all the new toys that we thought would challenge her. She showed us that if one of the pile of them is missing, she will notice after taking inventory, and find it. If we move her pile, she inspects it to see if we did it correctly. She also "talks" to anything with a face on it quite seriously if it doesn't stay where she wants it. A few special ones can be in her bed. She has a system. So much for that challenge.

24 hours in, and we're now wondering how we ever lived without a Doindogs puppy, and what to show her next so she won't be bored. Merciful heavens. While she sleeps we'll look for training courses. For us.


-Jack and Family

Doindogs puppy for 24 hours now