Monday, February 05, 2018

Joey is growing like a weed

Hi Don,

Joey is growing like a weed and doing very well on his Eukanuba. I found a pet store very close to me that sells this product so that helps me out having it so close. 

He is having a grand time with his play mate, Koda, a two year old German short haired pointer. Koda is living at my place with his owners while they are having a new home built. ( The owners, Pat and Jeana Hunt, said they have met you before at a dog event. )  The first two attached photos give a good comparison ( Koda next to Joey ) of how much Joey has grown.

He has another friend, Kelsie, a three year old yellow lab. Joey spent a week with Kelsie when I became very ill and was in bed unable to do anything for myself.  Kelsie is owned by an older couple who have always owned labs themselves. I received daily reports on Joey while he was away, including pictures and videos on facebook. The second two photos are of Joey when he spent the week at the Tranquil Times Bed and Breakfast in Annapolis.

Joey is very affectionate. He often wants to just sit and snuggle.  He will frequently jump on the bed when I'm resting or watching television, put his paws around my neck and lay his head in the crook of my neck.  He seems to be very aware of people's situation ( ie; young or old, energetic or feeble, comfortable with dogs or fearful ) and he responds very appropriately. He is especially compassionate with little children and older folks. Joey is a great dog and I'm sure glad that I have this little guy for a companion.

Hoping all is well with you and your wife.


Joey and KodaJoey and KodaJoeyJoey