Thursday, February 22, 2018

Gems at 7 weeks

Hi Don & Pierrette,

Its a sunny day here on the Cape finally. Gems is fitting nicely into her new home and she is sitting for her food, sit/waiting at each door to be open, for us to go through first. Also Gems is coming when her name is called and sits/ waits. Gems is very trainable and smart at 8 weeks of age, just like Rye was. Rye is adapting to the new pup (Gems) very well as I suspected. Rye has a great temperament, so I didn't see their being any issues.

"Gems" is a Dot/Puck pup and so is "Rye". Dot/Puck  are a great breeding pair for sure.
​Talk soon,Take care​


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Gem at 7 weeks