Monday, January 29, 2018

Pictures of Sage

Hello Don,

I just wanted to send you a quick update and some pictures of Sage. She is
doing great with a clean bill of health and the vet was impressed with her
muscular stature. Sage has all kinds of energy and wants outside all the
time no matter what the weather is!

This fall was her first hunting season and as you can see from the pictures
she has turned out to be a great grouse flushing lab. She impressed me all
fall with that nose of hers and her ability to find downed birds in thick
cover. Heck, to tell you the truth I do not even care if we get birds most
days since I get more enjoyment out of watching her work. It has certainly
been more fun and exciting hunting with a dog again so thanks so much for

I hope things are well with you.




This is a Jill/Puck pup!

Sage  11 months Dromore PE May 20 2017Sage  8 months Wood Islands PE FebSage  7 months Wood Islands PE JanSage  1 5 yrs old NovSage  1 5 yrs old Nov