Friday, July 14, 2017

Scotty is great

Scotty is great. I think you cheated us though . This is not a dog. He grows to a size of a dinosaur. We met his sister few days back and she is a third of his size. For the most part he is a great dog. Didn’t destroy anything at home. House training was amazing. Can’t remember when was his last accident (I think two or three times since we got him). Training also getting better. In the house there are no issues, outside is much harder. Especially when the “vacuum mode “ is on, but we will get there. 

I have two concerns. First he is way too friendly. To anyone and everything (some time it can be a real problem). The second bigger problem is that his mom wants another puppy “so Scotty will have someone to play with”. So please don’t answer her call for the next year or so until he grows up a little....