Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Lucy is is so smart and beautiful

Lucy is so smart and beautiful that we are all just as pleased as can be. It's such a joy to walk through the door after a hard day's work, call out "Lucy, I'm home!," and then have her gallop to greet you! I doubt that will ever get old.


She's growing well, though we're just getting over a very expensive swallowed sock.  First, I'm glad that she's no worse for wear and that we had the health insurance. Second, we've puppy-proofed the house several times so, I don't know how she managed to get the sock!  I'm sure that won't be the last bizarre thing that she eats. We love Dr Carnegie and know that clinic from a previous cat that we owned.


She's coming along quite nicely on practical commands (eg sit, stand, lie down, stay, come here, heel, fetch) and we've taught her "paw" and "high paw" for fun. She gets so much pleasure out of being clever enough to do "high paw" (i.e. "high five") that it's like a reward when she does one of the more practical commands well. I was also quite pleased at how well she responded when I introduced the whistle last week. So far, she comes immediately when I do the 4-blast command, though I haven't practised it in the face of distraction, yet.


She's a beautiful dog.


Thanks so much again,