Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Willow update

Hey Don, 

Hope all is well.  Just a quick update on Willow and her very busy summer.  She is just over 10 mths old and is weighing in at about 59 lbs – very lean but in great shape.  We have a hard time keeping her weight on as she is SOOOOO active!  2 long walks daily, usually a swim in the river and lots of play.  She loves basketball and has destroyed 3 already….she also loves her “chuckit” and tracks the ball down with ease.  We spent time at a cottage in PEI this summer and I believe she would move to the beach if she had the chance.  We met a chocolate lab named “Jack” in a neighboring cottage, he was a 2 yr old boy and weighed about 95lbs!  Willow was not impressed with him at all! I have attached a few pictures of Willow on the beach and relaxing afterwards. 

All the best, John