Monday, September 19, 2016

Max update

Well.... Hello!

Max is doing good now. We have had a few challenges with Max and continue to a bit. His food allergies are now under control. We finally found a vet that has helped us tremendously. Dr Little, who is just down the street from you guys has been his savior. She practices herbal medicine. It has certainly helped Max. His food allergies was causing his fur to fall out around his eyes. So much that he looked like he had a grey mask around his eyes. He had severe skin allergies due to the allergies and was peeing uncontrollable in his sleep. We had a saliva test done, this is a new method on how to determine allergies on dogs. He was pretty much allergic to everything!...... Milk, wheat, chicken, fish, venison, pork, and the list goes on! It can only test things that he has become in contact with...... So needless to say,..... His diet is pretty strict. I make all of his food and it consist of beef... luckily not sweets potato, turnip, and carrots. 

I have taken Maggey off the dry kibble food as well. So..... I spend a lot of time making their food! But.... They are worth it! He also has an issue with his eyes. More so with the left. He has hazy spots on them. His sight doesn't seem to be affected. We haven't really got into that problem too much yet. We are focusing right now on getting his diet under control. He is our precious boy! We are so lucky to have him!... Most days! is so affectionate, loves snuggling, always has to be with us. Some days that is a challenge! Here are some recent pis of summer. It sure was a great one! Hope all is great with you guys! 

Laura, Max & Maggey