Sunday, April 17, 2016

Rose's Granddaughter

Chelsea is really enjoying her training for obedience. She is not ready to be put out to pasture yet! She is willing to learn, wanting to learn and waiting to learn. She will be 8 next month.

I did not know that Chelsea is a natural retriever to hand. Wendy wanted to test her retrieving drive. Chelsea has never had a dumbbell in her mouth before. She has never had any retrieving training. With Chelsea sitting by her side, Wendy threw the dumbbell about 30 feet and asked Chelsea to retrieve it. Chelsea took off at full speed, picked up the dumbbell and ran back as fast as she could bringing it right to Wendy's hand without dropping it. And she has done it ever since both indoors and out with dumbbells, bumpers and a Dokkin duck trainer! I was shocked! I should get her a WC!!

And for versatility I can't forget Annalou.

As a puppy she earned a Best Puppy in Show, Multiple Best Puppy in Group, a CGD title, and eight points towards her CKC Championship.

As a yearling she earned her Ch., RN, RA, RE, PCD, CD and a High In Trial in Obedience!

As a two year old she is trained to get her CDI, CDX and DD. We will start training her now for "bird titles" WC and JH. Then she will have a litter in the Fall.

Next year if all goes well she will get her GrCH and CD Utility and hopefully some more "bird titles" and another litter.