Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Bo Update - 6 months Old

Hi Don,

I hope all is well. We are in love with Bo! He is now 6 months old, 60lbs, and full of energy. We have a field behind our house where he enjoys running around and catching balls & sticks. We take him hiking and to a lake or beach a couple times a week. He absolutely loves swimming!

We are starting to trust him more and more with roaming around the house alone and he has yet to destroy anything *knock on wood. He usually pulls his toys out of his toy bin whenever he wants to play with them. Everyone Bo meets falls in love with him. He instantly drops on his back looking for a belly rub haha. We can't imagine our lives without him:)Attached are a few pictures of Bo. The first one was taken at Christmas time, the rest are recent pictures (the last 2 taken this morning at the lake).  

Mallory & Geoff