Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Willow and Brandy at the beach

My sister and I took Willow and Brandy to the beach the other night at low tide ..... They had a ball running in and out of the water, and then running after each other on the beach.  I think it tired Willow out because she put herself to bed shortly after we got home lol  😴  She's only ever done that a couple other times lol  Attached are a few pics from the beach that I thought I would share with you 😉  I might be just a little bias lol, but I think Dee and Storm made one beautiful girl - Willow is so pretty ❤️ (even when she looks sad lol) and she's very photogenic! 🙂  Brandy is cute, too, of course! 😉  It's hard to get nice shots of Brandy though - she's so energetic, and curious and nosy about everything lol so it's hard for her to stay still and focused long enough to get a decent shot lol  And whenever I think I've got a nice shot, she seems to move, or shut her eyes partially or fully as soon as I click to take the picture! lol  She's a turkey! lol

Have a nice weekend.