Monday, October 15, 2018

Isla's first time in the ring

Hi Don,


Isla and I had a lot of fun at the Cobequid Dog Club confirmation. A new experience for both of us, especially since we spend nearly all of our training/fun time in the bush or on the lakes in the Bowater Mersey area.

Isla did her best, despite my complete lack of understanding regarding the confirmation ring. Definitely brought a lot of humor to the proceedings. The point was to expose Isla to something completely different and she handled herself quite well (reasonably calm while ring-side for 30+ minutes) and toward the end of the night SHE figured out how to “trot” in the ring (good thing as I was clueless). Attended (without Isla) the Rally and Obedience event today and really liked what I saw in terms of the course and training that would be involved in some of the more advanced classes. Pretty cool.

The most experiences the better!