Thursday, September 13, 2018

Isla at 7 months (pic)

Hi Don,

Great to chat with you today. As promised, here’s a photo of Isla at 7 months. She continues to be a great, great dog! Off-leash heal is coming along beautifully. All the basic commands are in place and we continue to refine. Retrieving continues to be crisp and quick (both out and back). A couple of weeks ago we were working on recall (one of our favorite things to do and super important based on the fact we spend most of our time in the hills or bush)… Isla was 200 feet away sitting on a rise in the ground where I had left her. After a two or three minute wait, three tweets of the whistle and watch out! Here she comes at a full run. About 2 feet in front of me she applies the brakes and comes to a sliding stop right at my feet in a perfect sit! Such a blast! She works well with basic hand signals as well. Smart dog! Her manners continue to develop… when we go to the door she sits and we go through the door, then around to the cars and then call her and she comes and sits as expected… no stress when going through doors or getting in and out of the cars (she waits until asked to come out with us, even with the car door open… always in a safe place though).

Thanks again for such a great dog!


Isla At 7 Months