Tuesday, July 03, 2018

A bigger thing to retrieve please

Hi Don,

This morning Isla was doing her thing… a water retrieve or two and some general messing about in the lake. She saw this small log was partially floating close to shore so she decided she needed to bring it closer so I could pull it out of the water… she pulled it about 10’ before it got grounded… close enough for me to pull it out though.

Here she sits, with her prize. We’re going to need a bigger log in about 6 months!

Her biggest retrieve yet! HA!

The other thing she did this morning was funny… I threw something into the lake (just along the shoreline) for her to retrieve. Problem was, it sank to the bottom (in about foot and a half of water) by the time she got to it. No problem though… Isla’s head and shoulders disappeared under the water and up she came with the object in mouth and brought it back to hand. She is officially a submariner now!


Isla Big Stick