Thursday, April 12, 2018

Isla at 10 weeks

Here’s a picture of Isla, taken yesterday, at just over 10 weeks.

Pie and Dex have produced an amazing pup. She’s smart, a very quick learner, athletic, capable of great singular focus, and fun! She’s still a pup for sure, but her progress has been amazing and she recovers quickly from any small puppy set backs that are to be expected as she expands her universe.

Don & Pierrette, we’re so pleased with the high quality of your dogs and pups we just had to send you a note regarding her progress (she’s just 10-weeks old at this point)

 Isla at 10 weeks

Isla’s accomplishments thus far:
  • House-trained within 24-hours of bringing her home
  • Crate-trained within 36-hours of bringing her home. She sleeps in her crate of her own desire, without the door on the crate installed (we use a Rough Tuff Crate). She stays in her crate, without the door on, all night (except when she asks to go out to relieve herself)
  • She goes out to pee/poo by herself in the forest, comes right back, goes straights into her crate and goes back to sleep. If we’re not right at the door, she sits and waits, without barking.
  • Able to be on our 1 acre property (mixed forest), off leash, with a solid recall when needed. Always stays within acceptable range of the doors/house
  • In her first week she found, on her own, a pheasant feather – an exciting event for sure. She was walking along, came to a dead stop, turned 90 degrees and marched into the forest about 20 feet and found the feather under a bunch of leaves (we’d not yet introduced her to feathers). She has since found other bird feathers, including a full wing, way back in the forest… a great nose and intuition!
  • Works really well on the long check-line (generally no helicoptering or foolishness)
  • Recall is coming along great (both at short distances and distances up to 30+ feet, seen and unseen, in various types of terrain)
  • Introduced to the whistle a couple of days ago and is doing really well (first time, I gave one sharp tweet she stopped what she was doing, turned in my direction and sat down, whistle recall is coming along nicely as well)
  • Met, under controlled conditions, a friend of mine’s trained dog and it went really well, nice long walk, with no hassles
  • Sits/stays when cars approach and go by
  • Good with people, especially kids
  • She’s not worried about food or food driven… we leave her bowl full of food throughout the day and she only takes what she wants and has grown as expected. She was around 7.6lbs when we picked her up and now weighs 15lbs.
  • No puppy belly or fat anywhere, athletic for sure (incredibly agile and steady on her feet from the start)… stomach muscles are solid and tight (you can feel them when you rub her tummy).
  • Not afraid of new noises, in fact she notices everything (quiet and loud) with interest but is not concerned or fearful
  • When introduced to new noises (loud ones in particular) she stands her ground and then moves in to investigate, without concern (sits on top of the vacuum cleaner beater head while it’s running, etc.)
  • Great sense of re-track (finds her way back automatically when were in the forest)
  • Wind scents really well
  • Retrieves (we’re beginning to work on this a bit, but she does it naturally… a great start) are brisk to the dummy and brisk back to me thus far
  • She sits when she approaches us (something I like a dog to do for basic control)… sits on command (consistently)… lies down when asked… gets up when asked… comes when called (for the most part… HA!)
  • There’s more, but that’s probably enough for now
  • Doesn’t mind being handled (paws, toes, legs, tummy, teeth, head, ears)… a good thing!

Thanks for such a great dog! We’re so glad we did our research and purchased a pup from you Don!