Saturday, December 30, 2017

Sad News, Rainy

Hi Don, I have some sad news. We had to put Rainy down because her cancer tumor. Incredibly we were told a year and a half ago that she may have six months. She was an incredible dog with so much energy and love of life right up to her last moments. The last almost twelve years have been such a joy.  We will miss her greatly. Thank you so much for the opportunity to have her in our lives. It was actually 12 years ago this week when we first met her and you and our lives have been so much richer ever since. 

I didn't use her very much as a therapy dog. I often joked that because she loved people's attention so much that she would put people in therapy. She adored people and people adored her. Often when we were out around public or camping people were gravitated to her. It was also amazing when my family would all bring there dogs to the farm she was considered the matriarch. Though she was gentle with all the other dogs she was clear that all needed to play well with each other. 

Christmas was an exciting time for her. She would always wait until the presents were being open and as soon as we told her to get her present she would go under the tree and grab her present and tare apart the wrapping and throughout the day show everyone as they came in her present. Though she was very lethargic this Christmas she was still happy to be given her present. I am so happy that she was able to one last Christmas with us. 

 I should also say that through Hannah's (my youngest) tears when hearing that Rainy was gone (Sylvia and the kids are in Halifax) she asked if we could get another puppy but only from you. She thinks that Rainy was so special and it is because of where she came from.

Thanks so much for all you do. I hope you have a happy and healthy 2018.