Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Our Dog George

Hi Don,

We thought we’d send you a note regarding our yellow Lab – George – who we got through Doindogs in February 2015. He was born December 23, 2014. If I remember correctly there were 8 in the litter – 2 yellows (George and his sister Wink, whom I believe you kept with you), and 6 black I believe.

Simply-put: George is a wonderful dog. He has the most unique personality, lots of energy, is keen to hunt with my husband and is a very handsome boy. We are so enamoured by him, we felt you should know what an amazing dog he is!

George gets along very well with our older Lab, who is almost 8. They like to wrestle and play tug-of-war, but then curl up together for a nap – all within an hour! 
I mentioned his personality above, which is his most incredible trait. He loves people, is very affectionate and keeps us in constant laughter with his funny ways. His favourite way to sleep is on his back, four legs in the air. You never know where you might find him, having a big snooze. He does everything with gusto – he plays hard and sleeps hard. Everyone who meets George, loves George.

He is very active as part of our family – in the winter he’s running along beside us as we snowshoe, while every weekend in the summer he’s either running along the beach or swimming in the lake. (This summer he even went on a Miramichi fishing trip with David and some friends.) In the fall he’s been keen to hunt and retrieve ducks and geese. He’s a natural.
So, just a thank-you – after a couple of years – for such a great dog. 

We’ve attached a photo of Georgie with his cousins!

Jill & David

Fredericton, NB