Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Merlin says grace

Good evening Sunshine! 

Yes we have been absentee emailers since the summer I think? That's my fault. I hurt my back and was quite restricted in my activity including hiking :( but we have been making up for lost time since March. Merlin is good! A mature 4 year old now, he is a full 80lbs now as he finally filled out and he has sprouted a few grey hairs on his chin and looks quite dignified. 

He still gets into the detachment every so often to make his rounds with the prisoners and we get out on long hikes every block of days off again. I'll attach some pics.

That ol' Puck is spreading his seed! I bet he will top Storm some day. My friends had to put their Golden down in August and they have a mutt pup now with some collie and Shepard in her. She accompanies us on our hikes these days. His other buddies just left for Kugluktuk in NU but we may follow them next year who knows?!

Oh and Merlin now sleeps with me...he won me over. Every so often he gets relegated to the couch when he needs a reminder of the pecking order but otherwise he's still the cuddliest most lovable creature ever!  

Thanks for emailing - it had been on my mind.