Sunday, March 27, 2016

Otis update

Hi Don,

Good to hear from you!  We were just saying we needed to reach out and see how you were doing.  All is good here!  We have indeed been busy doing some minor house renovations and working with Otis on his training.  He is taking beginner obedience training lessons.  He's had 3 so far and is doing well, despite being one of the youngest there (and pooping right in the middle of the lesson!).  He whines most of the time and can be stubborn but he is such a character!!  Everyone loves him at the training kennel.

 He loves to get into mischief and keeps us on our toes. Toilet paper and paper are his favourite toy right now, I can't tell you how much of it he has gotten a hold of and shredded...everywhere!  I had his vaccine papers on the niche next to the stairs, ready to bring to our first training session.  The night before our session, he ran down the stairs, stopped next to niche, reached over, grabbed the papers, ran away, hid and chewed them to tiny bits.  The biggest piece was about 2 x 3 inches!  I'm attaching a picture of him and another mess he made.  Brian and I were assembling some new outdoor furniture.  Otis grabbed the directions and within a minute had destroyed them.  Ahhh the joys!

He had a period about a month ago where he would just stand there and bark at us.  We finally picked up a citronella collar our vet recommended.  We used it only a few times (maybe 4-5 in a two week period), it worked really well.  However, the last time we took it off, Brian put it on the niche (same niche next to the stairs) and we haven't seen it since!   We are convinced he hid it!!  LOL!  He is such a content and lovable pup!  The whole family is on board with is training, exercise and playtime.  We are so enjoying him!!!  I'll send more pics as we take them.  This "Most Wanted photo" was at Parkland Kennels where we do our training.  I knew you'd enjoy it!

How are you?  Yes the weather has been incredible here and I can't wait to "play in the dirt" (planting flowers, etc).  Who is having a litter there??  What else is new?

Look forward to hearing from you!  Hoppy Easter to both you and Pierrette!!

Big hugs!!