Saturday, January 16, 2016

Pictures of Otis

Hi Don!!!   Happy New Year!

How are you?  I have been thinking of you guys all week.  Think it's withdrawals from not talking to you for a few weeks!!  LOL.  Otis is amazing and definitely a keeper!  He knows the commands come, sit and most of the time, off.  He hasn't had an accident in the house for weeks.  He whines at the door to go out.  He tries the front door first because he associates that with a walk and when we say 'no', he runs to the back door and whines. He is digging his way to china in our backyard but loves being outside and playing in the snow, cold or not.  We have some great walking trails around our place, paths through trees and bushes.  Yesterday he found a thin tree branch about an inch in diameter and no less than 5 feet long.  He carried that stick all the way home!  It was priceless.  People driving to work were looking at him and laughing.  Otis was so proud of his big stick!!!  Typical male!!!  LOL!!

He had his second shots last week and weighed in at 17lbs.  Clare (our vet) said he was a tad chunky, but I think he looks like a puppy.  I didn't think he was overeating and he gets several walks a day and lots of outdoor time.  However, I am being more diligent monitoring his food and he is getting more and more active as he grows.  He has started with the nipping with Brian and the girls, not so much myself as I am the alpha in the fam and he knows it!  LOL!  So we are working on that.  My oldest Taylor, graduated from the University of Alberta and she took him when she had her grad photos this past Tuesday.  Here are a couple proof pics.  The first picture is from this week as well.  I will send you more as we get them.

Take care and stay warm.