Monday, December 14, 2015

Charlie aka Doindogs Chucker

Hey Don,

Charlie is enjoying the first snow! He loves any state of water, and doesn't tire of swimming.  Charlie has been in just about every lake and river Julie and I know of between buckfield and northern new brunswick.

We did obedience training for the first year or so. He was always first to learn, but he's sooooo energetic! He would learn something and need to go on to the next right away. I think we're going to do agility this spring. If we keep him thinking and moving he tires out really nice.

Honestly we were the ones that needed more training than him. Also zero health issues, you have such healthy and beautiful dogs!

Attached a few pics from today's fun in the snow. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

‎Albert and Julie Clark!

Charlie aka Doindogs ChuckerCharlie aka Doindogs ChuckerCharlie aka Doindogs Chucker