Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Puppy Day!

Good Morning Don, 

We are going to a Wedding, and I was looking for a Navy Blue purses in my closet. ( Since I rarely get dressed up any more, they are boxed away in a closet) When I found it, there was a date book inside. It was datebook from 2005!.  

 As I looked thru it, I saw one page where I had written Puppy Day!!!That was the day when you Flew Sable down.   We had to pick her up at LaGuardia Air Port.My friends Joanne & Trudy came in to wait for my Handicapped Autistic Son, Clark. He was in Special School, I was concerned about a conflict of time.

 I did not want to miss his buss.They drove in from the Hamptons just in case he came home, before we got home with wiggling black bundle of joy.i We beat the bus...They loved our Puppy from Canada.  

I remember Trudy holding, smiling and giggling at the Puppy. Now she has Alzheimer's Disease, but she remembers that day.   What a Happy day that was....nothing like a puppy!         

Then Off she went for "Puppy Raising" with Jessie and "Service Dog" training With Pro and Joe.  I have had 6 dogs, and I have loved them all.  I have to say, Sable is the best dog I have ever owned.   She knows her commands, and obedience and is "My Shadow'.Sometimes I think she is anticipating my thoughts and moves. 

Now it is 2015, Sable is 10.  She has Diabetes & her eyes are getting cloudy.  Sable can't catch as many balls as she used to, but she still brings me the ball and wants to play all the time.  Sable is still more than a pet, she is a wonderful companion and has been a wonderful dog. I hope she sticks around for a many years. Thank you Don, for the Puppy & OUR friendship