Sunday, March 08, 2015

Tucker update

Hi Don,

Just want to let you know that pup is doing fine, house breaking is coming along very well, his pelt is growing thick as he is adapting to outside; love’s outdoors, is playing outside as cold as it is today, seems to really enjoy playing in the snow and doesn’t mind the wind and rain, adventurous and as curious as any lab pup can be. He has spent several nights with me in snowmobile groomer and is becoming a bit of a novelty with strangers stopping the groomer to see if i’m the one with the puppy. He’s a bit stubborn which isn’t really a bad thing but like any good lab he loves to carry stuff and retrieves naturally when  I play with him.

Looking forward to enjoying his formal training but only concentrating on house breaking and the command NO, but he just catches on to things naturally as any smart pup does. The people who have good hunting retrievers or that I consider knowlegable about dogs [ not many ] are quite taken with him.The good breeding shows in his features, plays hard but remains calm and senseable when you handle him. Weighed a little over 18 lbs. on his 10 week birthday. I will text you some pics in near future and want to thank you again for getting me a pup in such short time,I was totally depressed and miserable without my old dog.

Future looks bright.