Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sable LOVES the snow

Hi Don, 

Bill just came in from a playing with Sable.  He commented on how much she loves the snow.  He said I should tell you.  I said "Well, she is Canadien."    

I do believe she can smell it coming!  This morning she wanted to be outside, waiting...then it started snowing.  Sable is constantly asking to go outside, usually she just sticks her nose into the snow, does some 'comando' moves in the drifts or lays down in it.  I have a black towel right by the door, and when she comes inside I tell her to "bring Towel", ans she does.  Her nose, eyebrows & chin are white now, so her face blends into the snow.  She makes me laugh. 

Thanks for my great Dog.



Sable is a service dog for a lady in New York City with MS.